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Customer Testimonials

I work out with Sinda and She does such a great job with me for I am 83 1/2years old and I have all kinds of issues with my spine and knees and she does Thai therapy for the circulation on my legs. We also do all kinds of stretching and strengthening of my legs and whole body. Much of the work we do has really helped me strengthen my ability to walk to and to move around in general. It has done a great job since my legs tend to swell a lot and the knees were getting very weak and arthritic. I do one on one sessions with her at my house which has helped so much. She has a really wonderful personality and know and to try different things depending on how I feel on a given day and some things really, you know, hit the spot and work very well for me so I highly recommend her as a teacher and as a coach and I think she is such a wonderful person and inspiration. I highly recommend herder anybody who needs a lot of help especially as you age; I think this is a wonderful form of helping yourself.

Elaine Gaines, Artist (Senior Yoga Student)

Sinda is a natural healer, gifted with innate abilities. She is compassionate, loving, embracing and is deeply devoted to helping others recognize their own divinity.

Kristin Infelice- Pediatric Nurse (LifeCoaching)

I was in the midst of some difficult life situations and Sinda helped me see a different perspective. Sinda is highly intuitive and is an authentic healer.

Rob Infelice- ConEdison (LifeCoaching)

Sinda, it was great! Exactly what I needed after Tough Mudder. Now I feel ready to do entire obstacle course over again Can't imagine a better way to start a day. Thank you very much!

Dim Ka-Yoga Practitioner (Thai Therapy)

Sinda' prenatal Thai massages have been a wonder for my aching back throughout my pregnancy. She was able to get me functioning again after debilitating back pain!

Hannah Anderson- Yale University (Prenatal Thai Therapy)

I can't say enough great things about my Thai massage experience with Sinda. I was previously unfamiliar with this form of massage and was really impressed with the deeper and longer lasting effects. Sinda really helped my aches, pains and mental well being throughout my pregnancy through her touch. I have since tried similar types of body work and all pail in comparison.

Kari Henderson- Pharmaceutical Sales (Prenatal Thai Therapy)

I thoroughly enjoyed my Thai yoga massage with Sinda. As an group fitness instructor who teaches 15 classes/wk, I really appreciated how she worked efficiently to provide excellent release all over, but most specifically in my hamstrings, hips and lower back. She can tailor the massage to your needs because she has superb kinesthetic awareness which stems from her extensive experience as both a masseuse and a yoga instructor. With Thai yoga I believe that strength and flexibility in the practitioner is essential in order to provide an effective therapy.

Vivian Jonokuchi- Inside Out, Zumba and Deep Extreme at Equinox (Thai Therapy)

I got prenatal massages from Sinda at the very end of my pregnancy (at 38 and 39 weeks). When it was over, I was not only super relaxed, but my body felt so much better afterwords.

Julia DeSevo Kaplan- (Prenatal Thai Therapy)

I was lucky enough to have met Sinda in the beginning of my pregnancy, and receive a Thai massage for each trimester. Each one she was very attentive to my needs and knew how to keep me comfortable and relaxed. The massages really helped me stretch out and become more flexible. She is also as sweet as she is talented!

Katy Donofrio Vairo- Sr. Colorist (Prenatal Thai Therapy)

The Thai Yoga Massage with which Sinda provided me this week was an intriguing alternative to the conventional Swedish massages that I typically receive. As Sinda directed my legs, arms and back into various positions, she was able to relieve stress from sites often otherwise too difficult to reach. This was soothing and relaxing 50-minute experience.

Russell Nurick- (Thai Therapy)

Thank you so much, Sinda for the wonderful massage today! I feel so much more relaxed and at peace...I wholeheartedly recommend this skilled and powerful treatment to everyone.

Susan Wright- Yoga Teacher, Owner Birth of Venus Studio (Thai Therapy)

Sinda's Thai Massage (fully clothed) was relaxing, transporting, and magical. Her space was quiet and peaceful, which helped me de-stress. As she worked, I could feel my lower back releasing, her strong hands and feet probing at pressure points, and pulling me into light stretches which really did the trick! A few times I went off into la-la land.. Delicious!! Book a session with her this month -- its truly a great value...

Terri Billie- Marketing Director (Thai Therapy)

Sinda's Thai Yoga Massages are a great compliment to any yoga practice. Not only do you become deeply relaxed but you become much more flexible too, freeing the mind and the body! I left feeling cleansed and rejuvenated.

Rachel Langus, Yoga Practitioner (Thai Therapy)

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