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IIN Health Coach

Private 1-1 Sessions in person or Video Conferencing

Small Group Sessions in person or Video Conferencing (by request)

Health Coaching Sessions

Details of a Session: We will meet in person if location is within a reasonable distance or we will meet via FaceTime or Zoom- video conferences for an hour. 

Clients looking for Accountability Coaching; a Shopping Helper; Thai Massage Bodywork Healing; Reiki Healing Energy sessions; Pantry Organizer; a companion to join you for your cardio workout days; Personal Training at your home using traditional and non-traditional dynamic exercises (lots of yoga and barre inspiration) geared towards Nutrition & Weight Loss; or who would like more time to talk to work through more immediate issues may do so at an additional cost.

We will discuss Lifestyle, Change & Nutrition. During our sessions you will receive individual action steps which will guide you as we Co-Create a Health & Wellness Plan based on bio-individuality. I will be your Personal Support System.

I offer FREE 15-minute consultations for Health Coaching by phone or in person to United States residents- please email me to schedule your session today.

"Health Coaches are individuals from diverse backgrounds who work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness."

One of the first big lessons I've gained is the focus on what is called Primary Foods at IIN as a Health Coach. This means that we don't just leave our focus on nutrition because even with a great diet, if the rest of your life is stressful or messy it's not going to help you lose weight or make you healthier. Primary Foods of Life are: Spirituality, Career, Physical Activity and Relationships. All of this is a part of Health Coaching along with nutrition. Your Health Coach, is a guide, support, someone who holds you accountable, who listens and helps you arrive at your own truth. 

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