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Ok lovelies! Iā€˜m giving away to 3 people my 6- Month Health/ Private Health & Life Coaching Sevices. 

We have 2 more of these much coveted spots free for 2 more lucky Souls! Iā€˜m a Spirit Junkie Life Coach & IIN Health Coach. 

Selections chosen by email. 

Please send an email discussing why you think this program would benefit you to: [email protected] 

Subject Line: Healthcoaching with Sinda. Feel free to tag any friends you may feel would benefit from this service.

Details: We will meet individually and/or group sessions 2x/ month via facetime/ skype- phone conference for an hour each. Each client is given additional 2 hours to contact me /month via email. We will discuss lifestyle, change & nutrition. both live sessions per month you will receive individual action steps which will guide you as we co-create a health & wellness plan based on bio-individuality. I will be your personal support system and accountability coach.

As a part of giveaway & opportunity I will blog your progress (no names used) on social media & my website. At the end: a video testimonial made by you 1-min long used to promote my services & experiences you had with my program. Please note for prospective clients there are myriad of a la carte services offered to get the most out of this experience! Samples: Pantry Service; Food Shopping trip; Nutrition plan; Thai Massage; Reiki Healing; Yoga-Barre-Zumba Sessions 1-on-1....and more.

I offer FREE 1-hour consultations for Health coaching by phone or in person to United States residents- please email me [email protected] 

Subject: Free Health coaching consultation. Fees & 6-month plan clarified before Coaching relationship is established.

No need to wait to make your resolution! 

"Health coaches are individuals from diverse backgrounds who work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness.

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Love always, Sinda šŸ™šŸ»ā¤

One of the first big lessons I've gained is the focus on what is called Primary Foods at IIN as a Health Coach. This means that we don't just leave our focus on nutrition because even with a great diet, if the rest of your life is stressful or messy it's not going to help you lose weight or make you healthier. Primary Foods of Life are: Spirituality, Career, Physical Activity and Relationships. All of this is a part of Health Coaching along with nutrition. Your Health Coach, is a guide, support, someone who holds you accountable, who listens and helps you arrive at your own truth.