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Tranforming lives physically, mindfully and emotionally!

Acro Yoga Partners: Sinda & Brian

We've loved every minute of our journey...

Combined 21 Years of Yoga/Acro Experience with this Dynamic Duo!

Learn how to fly, base, spot, get proper foot and hand holds, get a great introduction to Acro Yoga or develop your skill set. Work with Standing Acro, L-Basing, Washing Machines, pops and whips, group acro and static postures! Deepen your connection with your partner; meet new people; learn a new skill set, and most of all have fun!

838 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT

This will be our new home as we bring classes and jams indoors. Expect workshops here and expanding to other studios as we move deeper into the fall! AcroYoga is a different skill set then regular yoga, being able to trust and let go are two major staples in this practice. Come and see what everyone is raving about with these very experienced partners!